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Christmas Prep 聖誕課 (可網上授課)
12-1月 適合 Year 7-13 學生拔尖補底 現接受报名 !
A-level Exam Course (網上授課)
適合 英國寄宿生 Year 12-13 IAL考生 最後衝刺
GCSE Exam Prep (網上授課)
適合 英國本地生 GCSE Yr 9-11 Eng, Writing Skills













International School Exam Course
9-12月 國際學校課程 IGCSE, IAL A-level 即將滿額!
IGCSE A-level 自修課程
適合 自修生 DSE 香港考試局 Edexcel 二人同行 6折優惠!
UK Entrance Exam Course
適合 高小初中 跳班 入學試, UKiset,Reasoning,Interview
IB Diploma MYP IGCSE Prep
適合 IB 國際學校課程 CIE Cambridge exam board
UK Pre-departure Package
9-12月善用時間 移英升學 Eng,Math,Science,Geog,Econ











Exam Level Subjects Student Results
A-level / IAL / IB
A-level Chemistry Ma A*
A-level Biology Dominic A*
A-level Business Studies Sarah A
A-level Philosophy Julian A
A-level Maths Charlotte A*
A-level Chemistry Alice A*
A-level Economics Alison A*
A-level History Ryan A
A-level Biology Chan A*
A-level Maths Beth A*
A-level Psychology Kristy A
IB Diploma English Nathan 7
IB Diploma TOK William A
IB Diploma Extended Essay Robert A
IB Diploma Maths Sally 7
IB Diploma Chemistry Geoff 7
IB Diploma Biology Erica 7
IB Diploma Psychology Jasmine 7
IB Diploma Economics Sam 7
IB Diploma Physics Terrence 7
IB Diploma Further Maths Edmond 7
IB Diploma Biology Josephone 6
IB Diploma Chemistry Nicole 7
Exam Level Subjects Student Results
I/GCSE Mathematics Michael 9
I/GCSE Biology Pat 9
I/GCSE Chemistry Chow 9
I/GCSE Physics Ryan 9
I/GCSE Geography Christina 9
I/GCSE Further Maths Rachael 9
I/GCSE English Pete A*
I/GCSE Economics Alicia 9
I/GCSE Double Science Angel AA
I/GCSE English ESL Cynthia 8
I/GCSE Chemistry Antonic A*
GCSE Maths Hanson A*
GCSE Further Maths Gordon 9
GCSE Geography Kelvin 9
GCSE Biology Tim 9
GCSE Geography Michael 8
GCSE English Johnny 9
GCSE English Literature Gilian A*
GCSE Chemistry Scarlet A*
GCSE Maths Tiffany 9
GCSE Economics Terrence 9
GCSE Psychology Louis 9
GCSE Physics Meryl 9


更多成績 未能盡錄
Student Background 學生背景
International Schools 國際學校
German Swiss International 德瑞國際學校
Chinese International 漢基國際學校
Yew Chung International 耀中國際學校
Singapore International 新加坡國際學校
Victoria Shanghai Academy 滬江維多利亞學校
King George V School 英皇佐治五世學校
Japanese International 日本人國際學校
Li Po Chun United College 李寶椿聯合世界書院
Delia School Of Canada 地利亞(加拿大)學校
Island School 港島中學
Hong Lok Yuen International 康樂園國際學校
International Christian School 基督國際學校
Sear Rogers International 弘爵國際學校
West Island School 西島中學
Australian International 澳洲國際學校
Hong Kong Japanese School 香港日本人學校
Stamford American School Stamford 美國學校
Lycee Francais International 法國國際學校
American International School 美國國際學校
Concordia International School 協同國際學校
Canadian International School 加拿大國際學校
Christian Alliance P.C.Lau 宣道會劉平齋紀念國際學校
Renaissance College 啓新書院
Harrow International School 哈羅香港國際學校
UK / Hong Kong Schools 英國/香港學校
Brighton College 2022成功入學 拔萃女書院
Westminster School 嘉諾撒聖瑪利書院
Concord College 2022成功入學 喇沙書院
Abingdon School 2022成功入學 聖保羅男女中學
Sevenoaks School 皇仁書院
Shrewsbury Sch 2022成功入學 聖若瑟英文書院
Bromsgrove Sch 2022成功入學 九龍華仁書院
Cheltenham Ladies College 庇理羅士女子中學
Charterhouse School 英皇書院
Malvern StJames 2021成功入學 香港華仁書院
Headington School 培正中學
Roedean School 德望中學
Whitgift School 2022成功入學 英華書院
Warwick School 真光女書院
Tonbridge School 拔萃男書院
Mayfield School 2021成功入學 嘉諾撒聖心書院
Rugby School 保良局董玉娣中學
Wellington College 元朗鄉議局中學
Christ's Hospital School 荃灣官立中學
Downside School 2022成功入學 屯門官立中學
LGS 2022成功入學 聖保羅書院
Epsom College 張祝珊英文中學
Clifton College 趙聿修紀念中學
Monmouth Sch 2022成功入學 民生書院
更多收生 未能盡錄
University of Oxford University of Cambridge London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Imperial College London Royal Veterinary College (University of London)
Westminster School Brighton College Concord College St. Swithun's School Cheltenham Ladies'
更多收生 未能盡錄
University of Oxford (UK) University College London UCL (UK)
University of Cambridge (UK) Imperial College London (UK)
London School of Economics LSE (UK) University of Hong Kong HKU (HK)
New York University NYU (US) Sydney University (Aus)
Chinese University of Hong Kong CU (HK) St. Andrew’s University (UK)
Hong Kong University of Science&Technology HKUST (HK) Cornell University (US)



Covering English as Additional Language EAL, ESL, Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning etc.

Topics inc. Reading, Fact & Opinion, Presentation, Argument, Collating, Cross-References, Language, Structural & Presentational Devices, Types of Non-Fiction, Types of Media
Poetry (Sound, Imagery, Purpose, Tone, Attitude, Comparisons, Narrative, Responding)
Writing, Accurate Spelling, Appropriate Punctuation, Sentence Structures, Using Paragraphs, Work Presentation, Vocabulary & Stylistic Features, Exploration, Entertainment, Imagination, Description, Explanation, Arguments, Persuasion, Analysis, Review, Comments, Instructions


IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

IB Extended Essay

Mr. Keung is a graduate in BSc Philosophy at the London School of Economics and Political Science LSE, University of London (UK). His major is in 17th century Philosophy of Science. He has over 10 years of practical experience in prepping students with common entrance exams, I/GCSE, A-level, IB, Cambridge Pre-U syllabus etc. Mr. Keung also has a high success rate with SSAT, SAT and ACT students. He is very familiar with top independent boarding schools and top universities entry requirement. Mr. Keung is experienced in school & university interviews, cv review, personal statements and critical thinking skills, IB Diploma Theory of Knowledge TOK and Extended Essay Dissertation Writing. Mr. Keung also tutors final year students dissertation at university level.




Advanced Topics inc. Differentiation, Integration, Sequences, Trigonometry, Vectors, Kinematics
Probability, Discrete, Continuous Random Variables, Correlation, Hypothesis Tests
Projectiles, Motion & Acceleration, Collisions, Energy & Power, Springs & Strings
Algorithms, Networks, Critical Path, Linear Programming, Matching, Game Theory

Topics inc. Integers, Powers, Roots, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Ratio
Algebra, Index, Formulae, Inverse Proportions, Inequalities, Quadratic Equations, Sequences
Triangles & Quadrilaterals, Trigonometry, Transformations, Area & Volume, Vectors & Loci
Identification, Selection & Collection, Data Processing & Representation, Probability


Further/ Addtional Mathematics


Ms. Chan possesses a Bachelors degree BSc Accounting & Mathematics from the University of Dundee (UK) She has taught in the centre for over 2 years. Born in the UK and brought up in Belgium, Ms. Chan is fluent in the languages of English, French, Dutch and German; and is qualified in various Teaching Specialist Certificates including Teaching Business English, Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching English One-to-One, TEFL Course etc. Ms. Chan focuses in teaching the academic subjects of English, Maths and Accounting.



Topics inc. Reflex, Fertility, Heart, Kidney, Enzymes, Respiration, Digestion, Homeostasis
Health Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Cannabis, Pathogens, Diseases, Defence, Immunity
Adaptations & Competitions in Animals & Plants, Evolution, Inheritance, Reproduction, Cloning
Acid Rain, Global Warming, Environmental Issues, Biofuels
Animal & Plant Cells, Photosynthesis, Biomass, Food Chain, Osmosis, Active Transport, Exchange of Gas, Exchange in Plants, Transpiration

Ms. Mortel graduate in BSc Biochemistry at the Chinese University, Hong Kong. She has taught in the centre for over 5 years. And she is a Roman Catholic. Ms. Mortel is fluent in both English and French. She attained A* English, French and Life Sciences Subjects. Apart from specialising in teaching English and Life Sciences, Mr. Mortel is also a guitar teacher, conducting both practical and theoretical guitar music. During her leisure time, Ms. Mortel enjoys joining various English Speech & Drama Competitions. Ms. Mortel has taught on the topic of Biological Molecules, Cell, Enzyme, Exchange, Genes & Cell Division.



Topics inc. Rocks, Limestone, Cement, Extracting Metals, Alloys
Crude Oil, Fractional Distillation, Fuels, Hydrocarbons, Plastics, Polymers, 
Molecules, Compounds, Ionic Bonding, Covalent, Metallic Bonding, Bond Calculations
Masses, Formulae, Equations, Reversible Reactions, Haber Process
Reaction Rates, Collision Theory, Catalysts, Reversible Reactions
Electrolysis, Brine, Purifying Copper, Acids, Alkalis, Salts, Titrations

Mr. Hui possesses MSc Pharmacology (Distinction) from University of Oxford, and BSc Biochemistry from Imperial College London. A graduate from Dulwich College, Mr. Hui gained all A's in A-level Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths and Mathematics. Both of Mr. Hui's MSc and BSc projects were awarded First-Class Honours, he is interested in research in antibodies, vaccines and cancer cells. Mr. Hui is the magazine page editor of Oxford University Biochemical Society, and plays the piano at the Royal Schools of Music.


Topics inc. Current, Voltage, Electricity, Charges, Electronic Control, Resistors, Efficiency, Power
Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Movement, Forces, Projectiles, Momentum
Wave, Sound, Light, Spectrum, Refraction, Resonance, Wave Interference
The Solar System, Universe, Evolution, Radioactivity, Ionisation, Radiation
Particles, Atoms, Particles in Motion

Mr. Appleby, a Native English Teacher (NET) orginally from Newcastle, is a graduate BSc Physics from the University of Newcastle (UK). He is a high-flying achiever with solid A* grades in GCSE English, English Literature; and A grade in A-level Spanish. He holds TEFL (England Certificate & Scotland Grammar & Language Awareness) and specialises in phonics, conversation and argumentative debates. Mr. O'Kane is a keen sports follower in football and gaelic games. He enjoys travelling and is interested in learning about different countries and cultures. Mr. Appleby has taught on the topics of Force, Motion & Energy, Electricity, Wave, Image, Particle and Universe.


Advanced Topics inc. Competitive Markets, Price Mechanism, Supply & Demand Analysis, Market Failure
Managing the Economy, Measure Economic Performances, Instruments of Economic Policy
Business Economics & Economic Efficiency, Market Structures, Government Intervention
The Global Economy, Application, Analysis & Evaluation of Economic Models globally
Assessment of Policies aimed to deal with Economic Problems

Topics inc. Opportunity Cost, Specialization, Production, Consumption, Labour Division
Market Economies System, Firm, Sole Trader, Partnership, MNC
Money Market, Stock Market, Central Bank, Trade Unions, Labour Market, Wage
Demand, Supply, Price Elasticity, Taxes, Inflation, Unemployment, Growth Cycles
Costs, Revenue, Profit, Beak-even, Production Scale
Government, Macroeconomics, Privatization, Import, Export, Exchange Rates

Business Studies

Topics inc. Developing New Business ideas, Market Research, New & Existing Businesses
Managing the Business, Small/ Medium & Large-sized Companies, Management Tools
Business Economics, Market Competition, Macroeconomics, Minimize Uncertainty
International Business, International Trade, Import & Export, Tariffs, Rules & Regulations
Making Business Decisions, Company Competitiveness, Corporate Objectives & Strategies
The Wider Economic Environment & Business, Information & Communication Technology

Ms. Wan is graduate in bachelors degree in Translation and Geography & Resources Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. And had been an exchange student at La Trobe University (Australia) and the University of California Berkeley (US). She has taught in the centre for over 5 years. Ms. Wan had achieved top A grades in A-Level Economics, Geography and Psychology. She possesses the musical achievements of Grade 9 Piano and Grade 5 Flute.


Topics inc. Balance Sheet, Profits, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account, Final Accounts
Double-Entry Bookkeeping, Prime Entry, Trial Balance, Ledger Accounts
Two-Column Cash Book, Three-Column Cash Book, Control Accounts, Accruals, Pre-payment
Double-Entry System, Depreciation, Bad Debts, Doubtful Debts, Budgeting

Ms. Wan is graduate in bachelors degree in Translation and Geography & Resources Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. And had been an exchange student at La Trobe University (Australia) and the University of California Berkeley (US). She has taught in the centre for over 5 years. Ms. Wan had achieved top A grades in A-Level Economics, Geography and Psychology. She possesses the musical achievements of Grade 9 Piano and Grade 5 Flute.



Topics inc. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Rocks, Weathering, Glaciation, Coasts, Sea
Rivers, Hydrological Cycle, Erosion, River Features, Flooding, Flood Control
Weather & Climate, Rain, Synoptic Charts, Satellite Image, Weather Hazards
Ecosystems & Soils, Biomes, Conservation, Acid Rain, Global Warming, Pollution, 
Population, Distribution, Density, Growth, Migration, Maps, Graphs & Charts
Settlements, Urbanisation, MEDC, LEDC, Farming, Types, EU, Industry, MNC

Ms. Chan is graduate in Barchlors degree BA Geography & Resources Management and Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. And had been an exchange student at La Trobe University (Australia) and the University of California Berkeley (US). She has taught in the centre for over 5 years. Ms. Chan had achieved top A grades in the subjects of A-Level Economics, Geography and Psychology. She possesses the musical achievements of Grade 9 Piano and Grade 5 Flute.




Ms. Man is graduate in bachelors degree in Translation and Geography & Resources Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. And had been an exchange student at La Trobe University (Australia) and the University of California Berkeley (US). She has taught psychology in the centre for over 5 years, covering both GCSE and A-level topics. Ms. Man had achieved top A grades in A-Level Psychology, Geography and Economics. She possesses the musical achievements of Grade 9 Piano and Grade 5 Flute.




Topics inc. Britain 1918, WWI, Schlieffen Plan, Peace Settlements, League of Nations 
Hitler, Great Depression, WWII, Japan, Germany, Cold War Europe 1949
Korean War, Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War, Détente
Communism, Soviet Union, Poland, Gorbachev, Collapse of Communism
Britain 1951, General Strike, Depression & Recovery, Russia 1941, Bolshevik, Stalin, 
Germany 1945, Weimar Republic, Nazi, USA 1941, USA Boom & Slump


Religious Studies


Topics inc. Christianity, Jesus, The Gospels, Judaism, Beliefs, Authority, Practice
Personal Issues, Value, Marriage, Divorce, Family, Contraception, Abortion
Social Issues, Old age, Illness, Death, Euthanasia, Prejudice, Discrimination
Justice, Peace, Crime & Punishment, Work & Leisure, World Poverty
Existence of God, Religion & Science, Good & Evil, Truth & Spirituality




Topics inc. Data, Computer Systems, Networks, CPU, ROM, RAM, Operating Systems
Data Capture, Validation, Storage, Processing, Presentation
System Analysis, Top-Down, Flow Charts, Word, Graphics, Spreadsheets & Databases
Data Logging, Control, Simulations, Internet, Web Design, Email, Data Security
Computer in the real world, Electronic Office, Traffic Management Systems
Computer & Society, Law, Workplace, Health & Safety Issues, Social, Moral & Ethical Issues



Advanced Topics inc. 漢語口語與聽力強化訓練, 漢語精讀理解和詞彙訓練
漢語作為第二語言的寫作練習, 中國語文翻譯學習, 國際時事文化討論

Food, Health, Geography, Tourism, Transport, Culture, Environment, Pollution
Education, Employment, Leisure, Youth Interests, Festivals, Entertainment
Modern Chinese History, Society, Literary Texts