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Online VC
Course features

Under globalization, UKEA introduces a teaching program which is ONLINE VC for distance learning.In the earliest stage, distance learning’s popularity and use has grown in western countries and Japan. With the increasing demand, more advanced technology has become available for distance education. Its convenience and effectiveness definitely increases students’ learning interests.

Distance learning allows students to learn despite they are not physically present in a traditional setting, such as a classroom. They can learn regardless of time-constraints and geographical demarcation.

With the help of the course, our students successfully enter into: Our students' progression records

Suitalbe for
  • ŸStudents who study abroad (Year 7-13)
  • ŸInternational schools students (Year 7-13)
  • ŸCandidates for DSE
  • Candidates for IB PYP, IB MYP, IB Diploma


Teaching features
  1. Distance learning – Flexible learning time
  2. Interactive teaching – Live discussion
  3. User-friendly
  4. Comprehensive system and functions
  • Experienced instructors are graduated from prestigious schools in UK, America, Australia, etc.
  • ŸInstructors grasp the tips and techniques of CEE. They are rich in teaching experiences.
  • Helps master exam skills and techniques through drilling past papers
  • ŸONLINE VC helps solve the problem of geographical demarcation. It especially benefits those students who study abroad. Because of the flexible scheduling structure, students can learn in anywhere and anytime.
  • Face-to-face learning increases in communication amongst students and their teachers. It encourages students to express their own ideas and they are motivated to learn.
  • ŸONLINE VC is user-friendly. Students are able to use simply with a notebook.
  • ŸWith ONLINE VC and UKEA’s teaching materials, students are able to learn effectively.
1 on 1 teaching
  • 1 on 1 teaching
  • Course content is designed based on individual’s needs
  • ŸDeliver education on individual basis helps students master exam tips promptly
Lesson arrangement
  • ŸThe program is tailor-made. The duration of one lesson is 1 hour.
  • Students are required to take at least 6 to 8 lessons.
  • We will help set the required equipment, but we are irresponsible for any networks or related problems.
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