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GCE A-Level Regular Program
Course features
  • Articulation to UK curriculum (Year 12-13)
  • Advance study preparation for tests and GCE A-Level public examinations
  • Assessing study progress regularly (3-6 times in every academic year) for academic enhancement
Suitable for
  • Year 12-13 students
  • Candidates for GCE A-Level exams
  • HKEAA 香港考評局 (香港考試及評核局) private candidates GCE A-Level October November exam, January February March exam, May June exam
  • GCE A-Level London Examinations Board, Cambridge International Examinations
  • Experienced instructors are graduated from prestigious schools in UK, America, Australia, etc.
  • ŸInstructors grasp the tips and techniques of GCE A-Level. They are rich in teaching experiences.
  • Helps master exam skills and techniques through drilling GCE A-Level past papers
Course outline
  • Comprehensive curriculum and teaching materials help students grasp the learning skills for improvement in GCE A-Level
  • The course is divided into two parts. Firstly, it helps strengthen students’ knowledge which they have learnt in the first semester. It is followed by study preparation for the coming semester.
  • Examining students in weak subjects and assessing based on international schools’ requirements
  • Analyzing questions and drilling GCE A-Level past papers
  • Mastering GCE A-Level exam skills and focusing on answers analysis
  • Drilling GCE A-Level Edexcel, GCE A-Level OCR, GCE A-Level Cambridge, GCE A-Level London etc.
Exam syllabus
  • Languages: GCE A-Level English, ESL (English as Second Language), EAL (English as Addtional Language), EFL (English as Foreign Language), GCE A-Level English Literature, GCE A-Level French, GCE A-Level German, GCE A-Level Latin etc.
  • Physical Science: GCE A-Level Maths, GCE A-Level Additional Maths, GCE A-Level Further Maths, GCE A-Level Physics, GCE A-Level Computing etc.
  • Biological Science: GCE A-Level Biology, GCE A-Level Chemistry, GCE A-Level Science, GCE A-Level Double Science etc.
  • Business Science: GCE A-Level Economics, GCE A-Level Accounting, GCE A-Level Business, GCE A-Level Law etc.
  • Social Science: GCE A-Level Geography, GCE A-Level History, GCE A-Level Religion, GCE A-Level Religious Studies, GCE A-Level Media Studies, GCE A-Level Psychology etc.
Exam boards
  • IB, AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR, WJEC, CCEA, London Examinations Board, Cambridge International Exams
Course schedule
  • Academic Term: Mon-Fri 16.30-19.00, Sat 10.00-18.00
  • Summer Term: Mon-Sat 10.00-18.00
  • Pls call 852-2735 7268 to check for schedule
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  Personal Statement
      個人陳述輕鬆辦妥 脫穎而出
       掌握竅門 操練技巧
   GCE A-Level 試卷操練
       Past Paper 操卷必選
    服務 :
       英國名校 升學權威
        一年捷徑 直升大學
        親身體驗 名校升學